Touchwood Music Studio is situated in the beautiful town of Sedgefield, Western Cape, right in the heart of South Africa's Garden Route. Although Sedgefield is often known by the expression "where the tortoise sets the pace", there's nothing sleepy or slow about this little town, especially from a musical perspective!


Meet Ann

Touchwood is run by Ann Carroll, a qualified music teacher (ATCL, LTCL Trinity College London) in the welcoming space of her home. She started her music studio in 2006 and provides classes to students of all ages and all ranges of abilities. She is passionate about music and is also a member of the Carpe Musicam orchestra where she plays clarinet.

Lessons are offered in classical, jazz and some modern music for the following:


 Piano Solo, Duet & Six Hand (Grade 1-8)

Clarinet Solo (Grade 1-5)

Music Theory (Grade 1-8)


 Students are assessed with practical and theory exams through either Trinity College London, ABRSM (The Ass. Board of the Royal Schools of Music) or UNISA
ensuring an international standard of music education.

Music is what feelings sound like.

- Vera Farmiga -


Why Take Lessons?

In today's world you can find information on just about anything on the internet, including how to play music and understanding the language of music. So with some perseverance you could probably make a little bit of progress on your own.


However, nothing replaces one-on-one tuition to truly develop musical ability and technique, as well giving guidance on how to listen to music effectively and explaining the more complex aspects of music theory.

Personal Development

Musical ability is starting to be more easily identified in young learners of today, sometimes by establishing which of their 7 intelligences are most dominant. Musical ability is one of the 7 intelligences, the other 6 being, logical-mathematical, linguistic, visual-spatial, kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.


We often tend to think of ourselves as being left-brained or right-brained but music enables us to use both sides of our brain, assisting greatly from a developmental point of view. Music is also a fantastic way to refine physical co-ordination and could be likened to driving a car (keeping your eye on the music whilst pressing those keys and pedals!).


Perhaps most importantly however, in this busy and stressful world in which we live, music allows you to escape for a while, to de-stress and lose yourself in sound. So why not come along and learn about music and be motivated to develop your musical talent?

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

is practice.

- Vladimir Horowitz -

Annual Concerts

Every year, Touchwood Music Studio holds a concert in Sedgefield for friends and family as an opportunity to celebrate and show-off your or your child's musical talent and perform the pieces you or they have worked so hard to master. There's nothing like a round of applause to build confidence and enjoy a little moment to shine!



Lessons are customised to suit the needs and experience of each student as well as their learning style. The student's aims are taken into account, whether they are to play in concerts, play solo or with others, take examinations (practical and theory) or just to play for enjoyment.


Lessons are offered from Monday to Saturday, at a time suitable for both student and teacher, in slots of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

60 minutes: R170.00 per lesson

45 minutes: R130.00 per lesson

30 minutes: R85.00 per lesson


Discounts are offered if paying for a term's lessons up front and when 2 or more family members take lessons. Please note there is an additional (nominal) charge for travelling to student, if lessons are not at the studio.



"I've been doing theory lessons with Ann for the last 2 months. What a marvellous teacher! One thing that has really impressed me is how organised she is. She notes what we do on each lesson, and gives me lots of homework, and then on the next lesson will already have a list of what she plans for that lesson. So we've made good progress. I knew very little when I started, and it has helped my music lessons tremendously. I am going to do my exam next week with a load of confidence now." ~ Lilith Seals


"Ann's dedication to her music students is exceptional. My daughters, aged 10 and 12, have been under the caring guidance of Ann for the past 3 years. Ann has walked alongside them with such passion that is so evident in her love for music. Ann has the ability to encourage and discipline without being unkind. Ann continually walks the extra mile in terms of dedication to her students and I see the evidence of this in my children's developing love for music." ~ Nicky Franceschi


"Ann has kindly accommodated me in providing piano lessons on a “part-time” basis for the last two years. I have been very encouraged with my progress and have enjoyed the educating lessons and stimulation." ~ Caroline Hodgson


Feel free to call or message Ann below.

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